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A passionate & creative developer focusing on location services. Photos listed are in chronological order going back many years, many are beautiful milestones and memories. My passion is to make the web a more usable place. Would you like to join a few of my favorite networks?

Earth Day, Love.

Earth Day, Love.

OMG, helping to setup printers. Please kill me.
23 hours ago

Personal experience, don't choke while a plane is departing. You will delay the plane for about 30 mins, this will not be fun.

Earth Day, Love. @ Pearl Street Mall https://t.co/7VelGDvpa3
3 days ago

Boulder's Sphero powers new BB-8 droid in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' http://t.co/tiSwDjRJRB
4 days ago

Crowd funding real-estate.
4 days ago

If you are going to create a "bower" package, please take time to understand what you are doing before you release it into the wild #ouch
5 days ago

Super excited! Attending a beta tester party for the game "Exploding Kittens", Denver was one of the winners! http://t.co/7ldpR1FD8m
6 days ago

From spaced out to space, CU Boulder Law. #CannabisSymposium2015
9 days ago