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A passionate & creative developer focusing on location services. Photos listed are in chronological order going back many years, many are beautiful milestones and memories. My passion is to make the web a more usable place. Would you like to join a few of my favorite networks?

A little morning reading: "Why I love Twitter and barely tolerate Facebook" https://t.co/6kUTnEB3cm
13 hours ago

The epic train ride is over! (Photo taken in Glenwood Springs) http://t.co/aGvqiLq5vB
2 days ago

RT @stevesilberman: If you missed it: Now there are only 6 of these beautiful animals left on the planet. http://t.co/iL2lQvkdH3 http://t.c
3 days ago

I value my network and would like to start sharing more knowledge via a writings series. Please join my list, http://t.co/t0VIv0Vwhc
3 days ago

@Kathryn_Wells chat next month.
3 days ago

@version2beta do I have a deal for you!
3 days ago

When the train is almost 5 hours late it is good to have a place to rest your head. Thanks > @HolodeckSLC http://t.co/3VGvMSeO6d
3 days ago

@freebly the MySQL was pretty simple - http://t.co/C6emqTrCHa
4 days ago