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A passionate & creative developer focusing on niche reservation services. Photos listed are in chronological order going back many years, many are beautiful milestones and memories. My passion is to make the web a more usable place. Would you like to join a few of my favorite networks?

Every morning in Boulder, from my apartment.

Every morning in Boulder, from my apartment.

Never traveled on a Holiday. I must say, joy and love is certainly in the air. #boulder #thanks

Is this heaven? Happy time to share with loved ones and rekindle past flames! @ Pearl Street Mall https://t.co/CKvnfK0XkC

Continuing to excel at life can require large periods of reflection. Stay grounded, compassionate and well-minded will fuel you. #boulder
3 days ago

RT @NFL: Aaron Rodgers throwing darts on the run. James Jones with that #ToeDragSwag. Touchdown. #GBvsMIN https://t.co/Qi3IHghojf
4 days ago

Looks like I'll be watching the AMAs, a few days late, too many epic performances to miss.
4 days ago

Finally getting into rock climbing today. #boulder
10 days ago

Well... that 24 home game winning streak against the Lions has ended. Bummer! #GoPackGo
12 days ago

Embraced every moment. @ Keystone Resort https://t.co/7AS8FaMWv1
13 days ago