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A passionate & creative developer focusing on location services. Photos listed are in chronological order going back many years, many are beautiful milestones and memories. My passion is to make the web a more usable place. Would you like to join a few of my favorite networks?

Glenwood Springs - Beautiful Fall

Glenwood Springs - Beautiful Fall

RT @jonginn: Writing code with the PM and client team at your desk http://t.co/CMDlnXK4ly
4 hours ago

RT @MattBinder: i guarantee you this is funnier than The Interview and should be played in movie theaters across the country: https://t.co/
12 hours ago

@MattBinder this is quite the short film!
12 hours ago

RT @ChrisWillman: Everyone who went to the premiere of "The Interview" needs to start recounting every detail, so it can be passed down via…
12 hours ago

@ravmike they are scrambling in ever which way. Bad decisions are going to continue for days.
12 hours ago

RT @infiniteideal: Dear North Korean hackers, Sallie Mae wants to kill your beloved leader. Signed, A concerned college grad
18 hours ago

A country let's say "North Korea" hacks a huge hollywood studio, let's call it "Sony" and they pull a comedic movie? Is this the climax?
19 hours ago

100,000 WordPress sites infected with "Slider Revolution" bundled with themes. Time to clean things up!
2 days ago