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A passionate & creative developer focusing on location services. Photos listed are in chronological order going back many years, many are beautiful milestones and memories. My passion is to make the web a more usable place. Would you like to join a few of my favorite networks?

Glenwood Springs - Beautiful Fall

Glenwood Springs - Beautiful Fall

Agree @viget it took me awhile to find this guy @yaychris.
9 min ago

@certainstrings sure. I have so much writing todo! I have notes and notes! This should kickstart you: http://t.co/pmvkx0S5rZ
1 hour ago

@certainstrings this is very interesting. I have starting using docker. Have you had a chance to look into this?
1 hour ago

Let's do this! I just give myself a code challenge learning CoreOS and Docker managing service w/ Fleet - @mbernier @sendgrid @kunal732
1 hours ago

Love watching @MikeElgan / TNT while pounding on my keyboard. So much knowledge added to my day. http://t.co/NigL2z7yko
3 hours ago

My hearts skips a beat when @iAlana says dad, I need to google something.
2 days ago

Such an awesome event for a group of friends! Anyone think of becoming a Jedi Knight? http://t.co/HFG0Z830ZY
3 days ago

Postfix has been added as as instance. https://t.co/4q76tRH4OH #docker #coreos
4 days ago