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I love the notion that every day is a dream I can shape to meet my goals and needs. I am an outgoing, creative thinker and builder, my imagination has no limits. The most impactful moment was attending Burning Man 2018, this helped me to see true human potential and the excuses many of us live by.

All photos are managed using the flickr API and CodeIgniter giving solid yet flexible system to work with. I build a custom UI with caching for photos, the idea is to have a static frame around the photos and continue to reduce the loading time of photos. The experience matters so much when showcasing high-res photos. I’d love any feedback if you have a chance to browse the photo gallery of many meaningful adventures.

This website is running on a Apache Docker container using a Google Cloud Compute Instance. WordPress managed via Bedrock.

Living near Denver and Milwaukee for the last 5 years has made me a big fan of Frontier Airlines Newsletter, they offer deals such as Kids and Friends Fly Free! Many discounted flights costing around $20 are a win!

Another resource is Scotts Cheap Flights they offer valuable travel tips and deals to destinations you might never of thought possible.

Adventure Through Photos, Explore Wonderland

Since I can remember I’ve had a strong passion to build an experience through photo galleries. The photo remains the same, yet the frame continues to change!