Finding yourself in this world is a lifetime practice. My daughter, time and independence are at the top of my list. You don’t need to break your back trying to make it in this world. There is nothing better than a window view and sunshine upon your face. Watching my parents wake at 6am to head to a job they really don’t enjoy, had me thinking. I continue to question many things, Hawaii helped me see a better life and WordPress opened my eyes.

I have only attended a few WordCamps in the United States. Traveling abroad to meet all the awesome passionate people that are part of the WordPress community, this would be a dream!

“I wake everyday with passion.”

While attending a Chicago WordCamp with several others developers I admire @lukassparks and @bartka

I listened to session given by Josh Stobel from Arizona he created a popular WordPress plugin called

What stuck in my head is the technique he used to find developers with an open and passionate mind. “There are all these small webshops in Arizona, why don’t we band together and stop trying to reinvent the wheel.”

This single statement set the stage for a rebirth of HTMLgraphic and the direction I plan to take it.