The Beginning

All my life I have been “trying” to travel the world. Multi-tasking all my various loves and interests. Working, flying, working, flying, this was meaningful at the time and this phase is over! Each passing day my vision and dreams would grow. Thinking to myself, “before you can travel you need X”. All I need to give myself is love, forgiveness, and patience.

Checking this box!

I continue to hear so many souls one day, one day. “One day, I will make my dreams come true, when the kids are out of school, when I retire, the list goes on.”

Every hardship and setback in my life I learn more, learning more about who I am and what I want for my life. In 2015, I moved to Boulder, Colorado made meaningful relationships and continued my search for high levels of enrichment. Learning about F.I.R.E. helped me to realize I could make smart financial choices and life, with even more freedom.

Travel is so aspirational is has truly become the new social currency. Everybody wants to get out there, meet other cultures, and see beautiful places around our planet. Doing that for a living?

… meet Eva zu Beck

Sharing experiences, writing, and living with travels has been a consistent dream in my life and it is time… no better time than now.

COVID is here, all I can do is be responsible and as safe as possible. I choose now to cast off. I have had some pretty epic adventures and experiences in my life and there are going to be countless more. As a holder of a US passport, I will be starting in Cancun Mexico landing the middle of August. Swimming with whale sharks, exploring Cenotes, with the intent of heading South, all the way South!

As I continue to explore the world a growing desire has been to live, share and learn even more.

Why not take a little time and share it in a video format? I will.