Where I spend a large amount of time, it is very cold. January through February are brutal. My birthday is in February and because of this, it holds a special meaning.

After having problems with bringing talented developers on board within the Northeast Wisconsin. Combined with leaving a long-standing client that I could no longer help. I decided to toss a dart at a map and try to find wonder in this beautiful world! While still in the USA I needed to learn and expand my awareness.

Grow your passion!

When I told people I was going to Hawaii at the time, I didn’t realize Hawaii was actually multiple islands. After spending maybe 15 minutes online researching, Maui had already won my heart. I incorporated my Maui tour in with a visit to my birth-mother Paula. She lives in San Francisco. We went skiing in Lake Tahoe and had a beautiful few days of skiing.

The next destination was Hawaii which is almost impossible to put into words. I will never be able to comprehend the beauty Maui contains.

Photo by Jason Gegere | Exploring Hana / Waiʻānapanapa State Park
Captain of the Black Sand Beach – Waiʻānapanapa State Park

Being active on twitter has opened doors I never thought possible. (once doors open they are hard to close). I attended Maui tweetup which set the stage for tips and advice as to what I could find. With a Ford Explorer ready to ride I was off. (of course I had a iPhone (AT&T), MiFi (Verizon), and MacBook (Black).

The one sure thing on most islands in the Pacific is the weather, it’s typically always beautiful. I didn’t care for a hotel as the true beauty is in the sun, mountains and surf.

I really wanted nothing to do with typical tourists and their conversations which often left me bored and dumb. For me there is no sense in living if I don’t push the bar, learning to grow my knowledge for the things around me. There is so much in this world.

Maui Hawai’i – 2010 Photo Gallery