LeWeb is a yearly event fixated on showcasing and gathering the brightest Internet minds in a European setting.

In 2009 I followed @tapps from my office chair most often with amazement. The people she was meeting and networking with helped give me meaning and depth to her career. I said to myself, “Next year I will attend this event no matter what it takes.”

Understanding only a little French, I taught myself with simple online learning sessions. If you visit a country you should know a few common phrases of the spoken language.

Without knowing the area around the event or Paris this would be one of my first international trips. In general, I was able to steer a cab in the approximate direction to my hotel and event venue.

Attending a few small sessions I found my way around the three LeWeb buildings and listened to some presentations.

The first day was coming to a close with many interactive parties going into the night. I needed to find the next direction.

Enjoying some delicious French food and a glass of wine I overheard a geeky conversation behind me. I listened for a while and joined in. Little did I know what I had gotten myself into. I was chatting with Tara Hunt @missrogue 

As the night went on she introduced me to developers and people you should know from around the globe. This is why I went to LeWeb! I had an idea and a hope in my head and it came to reality.

I hope to share other in-depth passionate conversations about the web and all it has to offer.